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Association of Mediterranean Artists («AMA») is a non-profit organization uniting creative people from all over the world in their efforts for creation and propagation of beauty, mutual originative enrichment, strengthening of cross-ethnical ties, spreading of charitable activities.

The first exhibition, held under the auspices of the President of Cyprus, was visited by many distinguished guests, including the Mayors of Limassol and Germasogeia Municipality, Members of the Parliament, businessmen and other local and international personalities. Its proceeds found their place in the hands of Anti-Cancer Society of Cyprus.

Success of the event, simply titled Russian Business Ladies Painting, not only garnered wide recognition, but significantly exceeded the expectations of its participants and organizers, and it paved the way for future projects.

Encouraged and energized, the Association started its growth, with new members and associates joining one by one. With exhibitions held for several times a year, AMA quickly became one of the best-known artistic unions of Cyprus and a permanent guest of regular traditional gatherings, including, but not limited to, annual Flower Festival, Victory Day and Christmas celebrations, Cyprus-Russian Festival.

Each of subsequent events, accompanied by the ever-growing number of guests and participants, serves as a trigger for each artist boosting their own creative output, finding new ideas and inspirations in the atmosphere of friendly competition and mutual help.

Being an open entity, and believing that cultural diversity is always an advantage, the Association is always glad and willing to accept participants from not only different places and backgrounds, but, which is more important, artists working in diverse techniques, styles and forms of art.

Our members do not limit themselves to more traditional forms like oil, acrylic, pastel, ink or pencil drawings, but tend to expand their experience towards experimental, sometimes risky ventures exploring endless uncharted waters. There are artists working with multimedia installation projects; some try to use unconventional materials; some use the outdoor house walls as a canvas creating unique examples of urban and rural murals; among unique and definitely not widespread visions worth mentioning is the birch bark graphics. Our artists create murals, mosaics, icons, frescoes; they actively participate in restoration and renovation of old Cyprus churches.

Following the variety of nations of the union’s members, embracing Cyprus, Russia, Greece, Georgia, Italy, the Association has already participated in events taking place in different countries of the world intending to widen its presence.

Throughout Cyprus the Association, however, does not limit its activities merely to holding exhibitions and philanthropic events, but also, in close cooperation with multiple artists and art galleries, regularly convenes and participates in the outdoor artistic gatherings, plein air studies and workshops.

Among most notable collaborations is the long-standing continuing series of workshops for young talents on the basis of «MihoArt Studio and Gallery» led by Miho Ebanoidze. Our youngest pupils and associates are deeply immersed in discovering the secrets of art to considerable success and mutual admiration. Works of some of our talented so-called apprentices are also represented in the catalogue.

Starting out merely as a private initiative, up to this day the Association has well established itself as a major undertaking uniting the highly professional artists.


The Association of Mediterranean Artists mission is to promote the fine art of creators who live in Mediterranean countries, to appreciate the history and evolving nature through exhibitions, lectures and education, and to contribute the service of its members to the welfare of the community at large.

Founded in 2017, the Association of Mediterranean Artists is the fastest growing nonprofit organization dedicated to the art of illustration in Cyprus.

Notable AMA members have been well-known artists from Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain among many others.

Main activities of the members of the Association of Mediterranean Artists are

Organizing of art exhibitions and shows

Contribution to the social life by promoting fine arts to youth and interested

Help to the local community by donating proceeds from the sales of arts to recognized charity organizations

Recognizing the contributions of non-professional artists in the arts and supporting them locally

Providing amateur artists with promotional opportunities and professional development

Expanding networking and exhibition opportunities for established artists

Supporting local, national, and global art activism

Advocating for equity in the arts for all

AMA offers year-round themed exhibits, art education programs and annual juried competitions. Our Permanent  Collection houses hundreds of pieces that are cataloged in this website and available for purchase of use under Copyright agreement.


In 2017, after almost a decade of informal association, professional and amateur artist of Cyprus active in Limassol area began the process of forming an independent organization, to provide more opportunities to the members and better service to the local community. This move was a result of personal initiative of the artist and businessperson from Cyprus Mrs. Anna Roman who’s energy and ideas gave a launch to the Association of Mediterranean Artists

Soon after decision to register Association of Mediterranean Artists was made the ambitions of the initial members went far wider then Cyprus. Many artists from abroad joined Association of Mediterranean Artists to create multicultural creative environment.

The Association of Mediterranean Artists was incorporated on October 5, 2017 as a nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting fine arts through open juried international exhibitions, members' exhibitions , workshops, and periodical newsletters and meetings (except in summer when it’s too hot in Cyprus). Members of Association of Mediterranean Artists enjoy sharing knowledge, learning new painting techniques, and passing on published information.

 Membership has grown from a small nucleus of Limassol area artists, to a membership drawn from throughout the Mediterranean, Russia, Canada, and Mexico. All officers on the Board of Directors of AMA are strictly volunteer.

Members are encouraged to work towards AMA Signature status. Signature membership is granted to a member in good standing after he or she has had paintings accepted in ten [10] AMA International Exhibits. This then entitles them to affix the initials AMA after their name. Signature status shall be for as long as the member is in good standing.

Right from the beginning, the Association of Mediterranean Artists became the first international art society in Cyprus to launch an interactive web page. Now the website of AMA has become our means of communication, allowing the membership to access up-to-the-minute information about meetings, exhibitions, call to artists, workshops and other AMA activities.



The Association shall be divided into Regular and Honorary Members.

Regular Member of the Association is each founding member who has met his financial obligations towards the Association, as well as those entered under the provisions of the Memorandum. Hereinafter, a member, who, as at the certain given date, does not have any outstanding obligations towards the Association, shall be referred to as the Qualifying Member.

Honorary Members are nominated by the Board if they have provided or can provide valuable service, moral or material, aimed at achievement or promotion the Association’s objectives. Honorary Members have the rights of the ordinary members except voting and election rights.

The Association has an obligation to ensure the protection of personal data of its Members.


Members shall enjoy the rights and benefits conferred by the Articles of Association of the Association.

Each Regular Member, who is also the Qualifying Member, has the rights to elect and be elected as a member of any management body or committee of the Association.

Any Member Regular or Honorary is entitled to submit any suggestion or issue to the Board and request any information or explanation concerning the Association, its Members or the Minutes of Board Meetings.

Each Member Regular or Honorary is entitled to take part in the Committees forming the Board to promote the aims and objectives of the Association.

Every Member is entitled to attend Meetings of the Board as an observer.


Each Regular Member has the obligation to pay the annual fee, which is determined by the Annual General Meeting. If any Member has delayed this payment for more than a year after the date of his membership, he is subject for removal from the Register of Members after prior written notice from the Board Members. In order for the removed Member to be re-accepted and returned to the Association he must pay all arrears of his delayed subscriptions.

Each Member has the obligation to behave with propriety, comply with generally accepted standards and norms of morals and behavior, not to cause any damage to the Association or any of its members and to provide for the maintenance of the Association’s property. Each Member shall not use any words, orally or in writing, or undertake any acts, which might expose or jeopardize the security of his associates. The behavior of each Member shall not affect his associates in respecting local customs and traditions and shall protect the environment in which each of them and they all together work in Cyprus and in any other country the Association might visit.

The Provisions of the Association’s Statutory documents, together with all amendments to those, as well as decisions of the Association’s Board Meetings, are communicated to each Member and are obligatory to them.

In order for a Member to vote and be voted as a Member of the Board, he should be a Member of the Association member for six prior consecutive months.


A Member whose behavior, inside or outside the Association, or in general, is reasonably judged to offend the dignity of the Association, or is outside of the scope of its legality, decency and morality, shall be excluded from the Register of Members after a majority vote of 2/3 of the Board Members. During the Meeting on the discussion of the exclusion of the Member on the grounds stated above, he must be present in order to be able to defend himself. If such Member has been invited and does not attend the referred Meeting for a reasonably unjustified reason, such Meeting shall continue in his absence in a way as if he was present. The removal of the Member must be notified to him in writing within one month of the Meeting during which the removal decision was made, explaining the reasons for the decision. The Member is entitled to appeal for his re-acceptance to the next General Meeting of Members. The appeal is submitted to the Board which is required to include the subjects in the next General Meeting. The decision of the General Meeting taken by secret ballot or otherwise at the discretion of the Members and by a simple majority is final. The appeal does not have suspensive effect.

Each Member is entitled to resign freely by communicating the decision in writing to the Board Members. As from the resignation date the Member is deemed resigned and ceases to be the Member of the Association.


Acceptance of new Association members takes place two times a year, around 1st of June and 1st of December; therefore, the applications for candidacy as a prospective Association member shall be received by the end of May or end of November respectively.

In order to proceed with the examination of the application, the Admission Committee would require the depictions of at least five of the art works, biography and brief information on artist’s applicable professional experience, including the participation in exhibitions or similar events.


Throughout the AMA site, all pages are the copyright of AMA. Text and images shown on the AMA site are the property of their owners and, where appropriate, are trademarks of their owners. All pieces of art reproduced throughout the website are copyright properties of the authors. Text and images contained on the AMA site may not be published separately, in hard copy, or electronically, without the expressed written permission of their owners. All rights are reserved under AMA and no rights are granted by publication of any material made available on the Internet through AMA except as specifically authorized by AMA. Please contact AMA for questions relating to any matter, including but not limited to rights, if any, to copy any material herein.


Regular membership EUR 50.00 a year

Student/Subsidized membership EUR 35.00/45.00 (with current student Id or letter explaining hardship)

Institutional  EUR 75.00

Family membership EUR 40.00 each family member

Lifetime Membership  EUR 750.00

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