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Svetlana Yakovleva

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018


Bio: At the beginning of your life journey you cannot always recognize, feel and realize what is in your nature. The same happened to me… my romance with art and, to be more precise, with painting, happened in adulthood and it cannot be called fleeting teenage infatuation. My childhood was connected with sport and was far from art and creativity. But when a teenager I felt an acute desire to perform some creative activity. My first creative activity was connected with the theatre and revealed itself in acting. I used to be deeply fond of theatrical art for some years. Having 2 higher educations with majors in engineering and finance I didn’t manage to do the job that I was trained to for a long time. Having that inner urge to create and express myself, I opened my first restaurant and then another two, at my peril, having no experience in this industry. I have been into restaurant business for 15 years now and I consider it very creative and enthralling. And as time shows I have been a success)). Having realized that I am a woman with creativity, it was not enough just to express myself in a professional sphere, even if it offers a wide scope of creative self-expression. Having moved to Cyprus and fallen in love with this sunny island with peculiar energy, giving you a wish to create… I had a dream to engage into painting. I started with watercolours and then moved on to oil painting, which gives you a wonderful space for fulfilling my creative intentions and realizing my abilities, that feels like magic, that you can stop the moment and depict it on the canvas. My dream came true! And you can learn it all your life, getting lots of pleasure from it. In conclusion, I want to say that painting for me is an endless source of learning about life in all its facets and displays. May this source never dry up! I wish everyone to find their vocation, what is in their nature.