Amacyprus - Artists collection

Olga Tregubova

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: Born on 11.04. 1969 and raised in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Plekhanov RUE. In 2001 graduated from school of TV and movies with Major in authoring, directing and entertainment TV show host. Worked at the channel «Russia». Since 1995 always lived in Austria, Germany, Greece and Belgium and started collecting artworks of famous modern painters. In 2012 moved to Cyprus, sold entire collection and built a Saint Moscow Matron chapel, in a year after construction suddenly began painting on her own. Today has over 200 paintings, most of them are in private collections. Current member of Creative union «Limassol Palette». Took part in two exhibitions in Limassol and Moscow exhibition «Moscow and muscovite».