Amacyprus - Artists collection

Marina Soboleva

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: There are many ways leading to the magical world of art. Some people step on that path in their early childhood and strive for perfection all their life. The talent of others though may not present itself immediately, but in time is destined to shine through. Marina was born in Khabarovsk (Russia), on the bank of the magnificent Amur river, a town surrounded by vast woodlands called taiga. Her adolescence passed in Novosibirsk, followed by a year working as a meteorologist at Beringovskaya polar station. The wild unkempt beauty of the Siberian forests, during the summer with its colorful blossom of the Chukotka tundra, and during the winter with its piercing icy winds, inspired emotions and ideas to surface. At this time Marina started experimenting with poetry, music and drawing, huibals, on scraps of paper, strictly for herself, never for the public eye. Married life living in a Baltic military camp, children and domestic routine left little time for her own creative energy to materialize in any form. But the restless soul doesn’t stop exploring, probing and seeking perfection… By reading literature, classic and modern, Russian and international authors, Marina found herself fascinated by the characters, relating to their emotions and feelings. This lead to her strong interest in psychology. A move to Cyprus. Everything is different: country, people, nature. Mediterranean breeze, tender warm waves, the scent of almond tree blossom. Now was the time for a serious involvement in art: individual hand-made dolls, each of them having their own emotions and characteristics. Its personality is not apparent from the beginning. The process of creating involves adding tiny details such as hair, nails, belts, eyelashes in such a manner that when the doll is finished it reflects the inner energy of its creator. The result is sometimes unpredictable but what comes to life at the end is a kind of naive and individual dolls filled with light and positive mood. With this new found confidence Marina embarked in art lessons to search for her style. She became interested in modular paintings, African theme, using various techniques and styles. The visit to an exhibition of Nicolai Feshin had a profound effect on Marina’s inner senses. «This is it! » feeling invoked by brave broad strokes and individuality of huinya each image opened up a whole new world. You can feel the scent of the Siberian forest in some of Marina’s paintings, the spirit of Normandy and impressions left by the wilderness of the Scottish hills in others. The visitors of her exhibition point out the individual manner of the paintings and people who own her works think that they give off positive energy. Each brush stroke at times brings out emotions, at times- bewilderment and confusion, but always a part of her inner world. And this itself needs inspiration which Marina finds in the lakes, mountains and springs of Bavaria, wild tulips of Cyprus and daisies from the fields of Central Russia. This, combined with studying the collections of distinguished masters in fine arts and sculpture, and visiting museums and galleries feed Marina’s desire to expand her skills. Marina feels that her paintings are the reflection of her life’s brightest moments. Yet they are not frozen, like a moth in amber. They are alive, and their heartbeat is felt by each and every one of their observers.