Amacyprus - Artists collection

Marianna Slutskaya

Country: Russia

Member since: 2018

Young Artist of Armenia

Bio: I create abstract expressionist acrylic paintings with bold colour and thick texture, focusing on nature and the female form. Growing up exposed to multiple cultures, living in Cyprus, England, France, Russia and Hong Kong, it is this sense of constant transition and change which inspires my paintings. I’ve studied art from an early age, but it was really my time at the Sorbonne in Paris, studying culture and art history, which made me realise the importance of artistic expression in our lives. From words to movement – we create to makes sense of the world around us and to share our experiences with others. Art is for everyone. While the artist’s intrinsic message is significant, it is the independent journey of their creation and the individual interpretations of the observers I find are most important. When it comes to art there is not right or wrong, it is simply a space for intimate dialogue between the artist and the onlooker. In my artwork I try to capture the things which move me, be it the warmth and boldness of the female form, the fleeting colours and smells of a summer evening or the clammy heat of Mick Jagger’s harmonica. While the reasoning behind choosing my subject matter is deeply rooted in my personal identity and beliefs, when it comes to talking about my inspiration, I believe that less is more. Ultimately, I paint with the intention of giving the viewer a canvas they can turn into their own story… Should they be interested in mine, we can always discuss it over a glass of rosé.