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Olesia Papadopoulou (Alice)

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: Olesya was born in the most beautiful place of our planet - in the Altai. Where, on the one hand, there are endless, fertile fields, with legendary ribbon pine forests, and on the other are protected by high Altai mountains, with numerous blue lakes and fast-moving rivers bringing purity and freshness. A person born in these places is doomed to be an artist, he will bear the life-giving light and clarity with which he appeared and took a breath of the healing air of the surrounding forests, fields and rivers. At a young age, at the age of 13 she begins to make her first steps in fine arts, enrolling in an art school. At the age of 16, she graduated high school with specialty in art and graphic. Enters the Altai State Academy of Culture and Art at the design faculty. In the circle of friends and artists, she gradually begins to master the subtleties and secrets of art craft, making numerous sketches and etudes. Her father (a member of the Union of Artists of Russia) with a personal example shows a lot in practice. So, showing perseverance and diligence, Olesya acquires experience in drawing, painting and decorative - applied creativity. To date, this is an independent, versatile artist, with her own rich inner world. Her painting bears in itself a great veneration for the boundless beauty that surrounds us in everyday life. The main theme of Olesya's creativity is the world around her, an endless and grateful theme that does not know the creative crises and dead ends. In her search, the artist constantly turns to nature - an unattainable ideal, a source of inspiration and creativity. In decorative and applied arts, her fantasies expand in all directions, ranging from a richly bright, to a low-key gamut, from a fantastic, allegorical, to a classical composition. Constantly traveling the world, she absorbs and tries through images to display what she saw, felt in all its diversity.