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Nandia Ioannou

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: Nandia Ioannou was born in Limassol. She is married and a mother of two girls. She studied education for primary school in the University of Ioannina Greece, where she graduated with an honours degree. She continued her studies in the Open University of London, getting the Master Degree in Education (Leadership and Management) Since 2001 she teaches in public primary schools. Teaching is her dream, her love but painting is her passion. So she tries to express herself through both. Since she was a baby she realized that she loves to draw. As a student she participated in many art contests in Cyprus and Greece, succeeding the first prize in one of them. The last few years she started following lessons with the artist Alexis Vayianos. She likes trying different techniques, according to her inspiration. Therefore she shows more interest to oil paintings. Her passion for oil paintings leads her to draw different themes and express her soul and mind according to her mood and her own inner world. On 20th of October she had her first solo art exhibition in Art Studio 55, with a great success. She loves taking photos of anything beautiful she sees and inspires her and transfers it to her canvas. Moreover she likes leaving herself free and drawn according what her heart speaks.