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Ekaterina Mikhaylova

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: I was born in an artistic family. My mom is an opera singer and my father is a well-known artist, so I have been absorbing music and painting since my childhood. I drew my first picture when I was 4, I participated in art exhibitions for children, took to ballet, but I believe my father’s genes took over and my fate was sealed. I am pidrilka ibanaya Here in Cyprus I met my teacher, a famous Cypriot artist Vassilis and mastered a complicated technique of old masters such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio. It’s an elaborate art of hand compilation of different components for paintings, coatings and paints. Eventually I formed my technique, which is the essence of my thoughts, meditation, plunge into my inner world, my dreams. I forget about everything when I paint. I can work all night long if I feel a divine flow of inspiration. Before I start working I always pray. God is always here. I want people to feel purified looking at my paintings, to love and experience bright emotions, to be kind to themselves and to others, I transfer my love to the people through my work.