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Tatiana Kyriakidou

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: Man proposes, life disposes… In my case, despite having an endless relish for art and everything beautiful, no matter whether it’s natural or man-made creations, it happened so that my professional life has been connected with finance. An art school in a small port town at the Black Sea, which I attended as a child, did the job and developed my beauty inclinations into a capacity not just to see but to depict what I saw. My taste for beauty led me to attempting various techniques both in applied arts and painting; I devoted some years to silk drawing, then studied pottery work, tried watercolours technique and then found myself in oil painting. This passion for oil painting and an ability to create without fear of making a mistake and to freely express oneself, realizing that you can always correct what you’ve done or even start anew in the same place, the same canvas, brought me into the classroom again. This time here, in Cyprus, I have been studying and working for some years in the studio of a prominent artist and a wonderful man – Andreas Charalambous, who graduated from V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute in the 60s of the last century. Thanks to my teacher I am trying to depict on the canvas a concrete moment of time (it’s like an attempt to freeze the moment), to reveal the state of my soul, the emotions I am experiencing at that exact moment in the process of creation. Only with time you understand how fast-paced life is and an opportunity to capture that moment (as if it is seized) and show it on the canvas in the beauty of blossoming almond trees, waves rolling to the sea, flickers of the moonlight - overwhelms me with excitement as if I were a kid – I feel like a magician, because nothing can be repeated in the same way, everything will be entirely different in the nature, but will stay the same on the artist’s canvas. I wish to all the people to have an opportunity to express themselves in any creative activity – be it poetry, music, literature, dancing or painting.