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Diana Malivani

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: Diana Malivani is an artist who paints with oil and acryl on canvas, with the knife and brush, since 2000. For a number of years, her paintings took part in private exhibitions and sales in various countries: France (Versailles, 2009; Paris, 2010), Switzerland (Geneva, 2011), Luxembourg (2012), Spain (Barcelona, 2013), Argentina (Buenos Aires, 2014), Brazil (Sao Paulo, 2015), Monaco (2016), Cyprus (Limassol, 2017). Presently her paintings are exhibited at Dreams Gallery in Limassol, Cyprus. Diana is also an author and illustrator of children's books (Snoutie and his Friends, The Great White Rabbit, Bazilio and the Little Mice, The Happy Little Pigs, The Little Honey Bears, The Little Mouse Musicians, The Little Lost Elephant, The Gnome Magicians), published in English, French, German and Russian. She also has written a novel The Embrace of the Past (under the pen name of Liana Modigliani). Diana, by her training and profession, is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D., Ph.D.) with extensive experience in the fitness industry. She recently returned from France, where she has lived in Paris for a few years, to Cyprus, Limassol. Diana and her husband raise their young daughter Michelle, for whom Diana originally wrote her books and painted her pictures. Diana is passionate about preparing tasty and healthy dishes according to her own original recipes.