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Dariia Ganaga

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: Dariia Ganaga is a modern artist. In her works there are subtly intertwined sensual fantasy and elements of light erotica. Original way of thinking, unique technique "Without a brush", compositional and technical excellence of work, after all, the stylistic diversity of approaches and a huge collection are surprising and admirable. Currently, her approach to depicting the beauty of the female image is made on the verge of impressionism and realism, but the artist prefer to creating scenes in the style of pop art without a brush just by hands. About technique The author technique "Without a brush" consists of several stages. The preparation of a canvas texture is the first stage. An author uses unusual tools for this technique, to convey the structure as accurate as possible. This structure expresses the mood of the picture subsequently. On the second stage an artist applies paint with his hands without a brush. This technique allows the controlling a paint layer, to remain color intense and color transparence.