Amacyprus - Artists collection

Nadezda Bolshakova

Country: Russia

Member since: 2018

Bio: When I was a kid, I liked drawing, but as they say you need to have a serious, safe job. And after a long period of wavering between cybernetics and finance my choice was set with Moscow Finance Academy. But my desire to be creative in a profession never deserted me and later I entered Moscow Architectural Institute. Those were the years full of discovery and inspiration. It is architecture, as my leading professor would say, that can “marry” creative mind and accurate estimation, practicality. Working as a designer, I realized how captivating a process of project implementation can be. First, it’s just a thought, an idea, an association and soon it is transformed into a living space. In my free time, I was painting in the technique of sumi-e. Japanese Black Ink painting impressed me with its exquisiteness and laconism. An artists’ dance with a brush… An artists’ individuality, their mood - all that shows in a single brush stroke. But at some point, I understood that I lack expression, courage, colour. That led me to oil painting. It helps me to express my emotions and feelings via shape and colour. I am not striving to realism: it’s important for me to depict not just a flower but an impression it puts on me. I am being inspired by impressionism and abstract painting in that process.