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Efthimios Avraam

Country: Cyprus

Member since: 2018

Bio: Grandson of Cypriot refugees who emigrated to England, Efthimios was born and brought up there. After few years, his parents decided to move back to Cyprus. «From a young age I realized I was creative and artistic. I feel a deep and strong passion towards nature which I try to reflect in my paintings». Efthimios Avraam attended art lessons at different art studios, due to the fact that his family moved from place to place. When he grew up, he decided to pursue his passion professionally. He went back to England and attended an art and design foundation course at Barnet and Southgate College. After graduating, he came back to Cyprus, where he continued his education and acquired a B.A. degree in Fine Arts at Alexander College/ UWE. Efthimios Avraam attended numerous group exhibitions in Cyprus and England. Currently he is giving private art lessons at Miho Art Studio & Gallery. The artist is getting ready to show his works at solo exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, and has an intention to continue teaching art in public schools.